What is the World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association (WPTIA)?

The WPTIA is a trade organization created to empower current and future Para-Taekwondo Instructors and Coaches from all countries and continents. By empowering the instructors and coaches with our educational and certification programs, we will greatly impact our society by welcoming all individuals with special needs and disabilities into their Taekwondo programs. Membership is open to all who support our vision of Global Empowerment. Via our programs and members, we strive to positively impact 1,000,000 people with disabilities via Para-Taekwondo.

Why was the WPTIA created?

The WPTIA believes that Taekwondo instructors who teach people with disabilities are very special people. They lead with their ‘Heart’ and truly wish to make a difference in their society. To these coaches it is beyond the medal that can be won in a championship, but rather the countless victories the Para-Taekwondo athletes/trainees will achieve in their everyday life. The WPTIA provides countless platforms for networking, attendance in online seminars, international recognition and a community to share, grow and evolve.

The WPTIA in partnership with the Global Para-Taekwondo University (GPTU) provides Para-Taekwondo Instructor Certification Courses that are exclusive to the WPTIA.  Visit GPTU.

Lastly, there is an absence of any international organization specifically and exclusively benefiting the development and promotion of Para-Taekwondo. We specialize in offering the global Taekwondo community the skills and knowledge in all aspects of Para-Taekwondo.

Who oversees the WPTIA?

Para-Taekwondo-006The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Michael Sirota. Mr. Sirota has been a global pioneer of Taekwondo for individuals with various special needs and disabilities. For the past sixteen years, he has been on a global mission to develop and globalize Para-Taekwondo as a tool to transform our citizenry. In addition to operating Martial Arts Centers in Vancouver, Canada teaching hundreds of individuals with various special abilities, he has shared his expertise and passion with the World Taekwondo Federation, National Taekwondo Associations and private Taekwondo Federations. He sits on various local to international governing boards in the area of Taekwondo, Para-Sport and Disability. Mr. Sirota is also the founder of the Global Para-Taekwondo Consultancy and the Global Para-Taekwondo University.

In addition to the leadership of the WPTIA, the association has a team of individuals in various positions overseeing the smooth operation of WPTIA and all of its affiliate organizations and programs.

How can I become a Certified Para-Taekwondo Instructor?

Para-Taekwondo-007The Global Para-Taekwondo University (GPTU) is our educational partner in delivering instructional certification programs of the highest quality to interested and qualified instructors. To become an Internationally Certified Para-Taekwondo Instructor, visit GPTU. All Certified International Para-Taekwondo Instructors will receive a one year complimentary membership in the World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association.

Do I need to be certified by GPTU to be an Instructor Member of WPTIA?

Para-Taekwondo-008Yes, all Instructor Members are Certified by the Global Para-Taekwondo University. This validates that all of our instructors are of the highest technical standards that have successfully met and surpassed all the requirements to operate successful Para-Taekwondo programs. Certification is an integral part of being a professional in any industry and at WPTIA, our mandate is to empower all instructors. Only Certified Instructors will be listed and recognized in our database and have access to Member-Only information. In addition to the certification courses, there are various benefits of becoming a member of WPTIA.

I am not an instructor, but would like to support the WPTIA, how can I do this?

The WPTIA offer several membership types. You may join us as a ‘Associate’ and be engaged in our work and our Global Movement. Associates or Supporters include Administrators of Taekwondo Associations, Para-Taekwondo athletes and their family members, professionals working with individuals with disabilities. Everyone is welcome! Members will receive member only newsletters, access to webinars, access to member only social media groups and information on our seminars.

To sign-up and show your support click here.

In addition to your certification programs, do you offer any other programs/services?

Yes, we offer Club (Dojang) Charter Membership to certified instructors. Acquiring a Club Membership will allow you additional benefits and international recognition for the work that you do in Para-Taekwondo. Club Membership is only open to Certified Para-Taekwondo Instructors. Having your Taekwondo Center being affiliated with the WPTIA will bring it instantaneous credibility and validity of your commitment to work with individuals with special abilities.

The WPTIA also conducts hands-on seminars and conferences for further promotion and development of Para-Taekwondo, Special Needs Taekwondo, Adapted Taekwondo and Therapeutic Martial Arts.

Other programs in development include offering International Para-Taekwondo Instructors opportunity to train/teach at our Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and as well hosting international symposiums and conferences on Para-Taekwondo. We are fully committed to seeing every member grow and become prosperous.

Does the WPTIA teach/promote a specific style of Taekwondo?

No, our vision is to empower all Taekwondo instructors, coaches and masters regardless of affiliation. We view ourselves as a professional trade organization that will provide you with tools to teach ‘your’ Taekwondo to a greater community; those with special abilities. All instructors regardless of the style or affiliation of Taekwondo are very welcome to register and become a certified instructor. We will teach you how to teach people with special abilities and run successful programs in your Taekwondo schools.

Do I have to be a member of any specific Taekwondo organization?

No, we respect all styles and organizations. We will never ask you to switch/leave any organization. The WPTIA and the GPTU Para-Taekwondo Instructor Certification will add value to your program and your Taekwondo Club/School. We will show you how to incorporate Para-Taekwondo into your school so you may welcome all individuals regardless of their abilities.

Where is your Headquarters?

Our physical location is based out of beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We do however have members from all regions. Certified instructors who wish to acquire a practicum, may visit our headquarters and acquire hands-on experience of working with people with disabilities at our Taekwondo Centre. For additional information on how you can visit us, please contact us.

What if I already work with students with special needs? Why should I become a Certified Para-Taekwondo Instructor and join your organization?

First, we applaud you for welcoming special needs students into your program. Regardless of why or how it happened, they or their parents have looked to you for a place to help them grow and be accepted. We treat Martial Arts as a profession, no different than a doctor, barrister or a teacher. With each profession comes education and training to provide legitimacy, ethics and high standards. If you are looking for a surgeon, you would choose one that has a medical degree and a specialist for your specific cause. You would not go to a part-time surgeon who is a Family General Practitioner but never operated.

It is our aim to build specialists in the field of Special Needs/Adapted/Para/Therapeutic Martial Arts Education and Instruction. To provide you with pertinent knowledge to successfully run classes, programs and martial arts centers catering to people with special needs. The Certification and International Recognition you will receive will set you apart as a qualified leader in your community and open doors of prosperity. Further, as a member of the World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association, you will be entitled to special privileges of this prestigious instructor membership.

Will becoming a member of World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association interfere with the organization I am currently affiliated with?

We do not place any restrictions on which martial arts/Taekwondo organization you are affiliated with and which martial arts style you teach. In fact, we have developed positive relationships with various national and international organizations. We are here to offer you the tools to teach ‘your’ style to people with special needs. We are an apolitical organization working on the premise of Taekwondo for All! We welcome all martial artists who have the genuine goal to make a difference in the lives of others, including themselves.

Do you offer Black Belt Certification in Para-Taekwondo?

Various benefits including Black Belt Dan recognition is available to our Certified Instructors and active members. Once an individual becomes a member of WPTIA, we will provide you a detailed list of programs and services exclusive to members only.

How can my Association get involved and become a member/partner of WPTIA?

Due to our expertise, the importance of the work that we do and our positive international relations, the WPTIA has welcomed both local (small) to international (large) Taekwondo associations to our WPTIA. There are various mutually benefits of partnering with WPTIA. To discuss in greater detail, please contact Mr. Michael Sirota at sirota@ParaTaekwondo.org

If you have any additional questions or require further information, please contact us.