Welcome to the World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association

The World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association (WPTIA) is an international trade organizational with the purpose Inspiring, Educating and Empowering our Global Taekwondo Community in the area of Para-Taekwondo and Therapeutic Martial Arts.

The WPTIA is an apolitical organization consisting of internationally certified para-taekwondo instructors, their Taekwondo schools and members of our society who believe in the work that we do. Everyone, regardless of their affiliation, style of Taekwondo, culture and ethnicity is welcome and encouraged to contribute to this Global Movement. The WPTIA is truly for All!

The World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association was created out of necessity for the professional development of Taekwondo Instructors, Coaches and Masters who lacked education, certification and knowledge about Para-Taekwondo (Therapeutic Taekwondo, Special Needs Taekwondo, Adapted Taekwondo). The organization provides the World’s first comprehensive Para-Taekwondo Instructor Certification via the Global Para-Taekwondo University. we are a full service Taekwondo organization providing certification for instructors, rank certification for Para-Taekwondo students from color belt to black belt rank, ongoing education via our member-only website and Para-Taekwondo School Charter for qualified schools.

Para-Taekwondo Instructors are welcome from all Taekwondo organizations including those who teach World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)/ Kukkiwon Style, International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), American Taekwondo Association (ATA) and any other national and international association. Independent instructors are also welcomed and encouraged to join our international association specializing in Para-Taekwondo!

The World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association is:

  • World’s First and Only international Para-Taekwondo Association
  • World’s only Taekwondo Association specializing in Para-Taekwondo
  • First to create an International certification Course that is open to all
  • Only Association to conduct Instructor Seminars globally
  • About knowledge, support and promotion of Para-Taekwondo
  • In Partnership with the Global Para-Taekwondo University offers the World first Online Instructor Certification Course
  • World’s only international database of Certified Para-Taekwondo Instructors and Taekwondo School Charter Members
  • Provides ongoing support to our members
  • Committed to seeing you grow and prosper